Cloakroom Encounters. Wardrobe Encounters


24.11.2020, 19:30–19:45
With video projection on the façade of the Schauspielhaus by Helena Waldmann, featuring Eddie Martinez, Nazareth Panadero and Julie Shanahan – as guests Andrey Berezin, Azusa Seyama and WoW - Women of Wuppertal – a choir of women from many countries

The performance has started. The cloakroom attendants are on a break. Finally. No more coats, umbrellas, bags, no more small talk with the audience, who are used to great service in this cloakroom. Whether they need to borrow opera glasses, get a button sewn on or have their shoes shined, everything is possible. But now that the performance has started, the ladies and gentlemen behind the counter should have an hour of boredom ahead of them. Really? Well, not quite. Under normal circumstances you would never get to see what Eddie Martinez, Nazareth Panadero and Julie Shanahan are up to during their break. And we are only letting you have a glimpse because the theatre is currently closed.

Costume: Anke Wadsworth - camera/editor: Christian Scholz - sound/camera assistant: Oliver Freuwörth