The Project

The theatre by the Wupper that used to be the city’s main Schauspielhaus will become the Pina Bausch Centre. The new centre aims to be more than just a place of conservation where a great artistic oeuvre of international standing is cultivated. It will knit together recollection, experimentation, creativity, knowledge transfer, reflection and participation. A new extension will be built as part of the renovation of the Schauspielhaus, for which an architectural competition was announced in April 2022.

under construction. We are building a house together

How do we build a house together? How can the future Pina Bausch Centre become a place where everyone feels at home? Where different opinions and points of view are respected? Where not just the loudest and most influential voices are heard? How can we create an open house fit for the 21st century: sustainable, pluralistic, socially engaged, creative? Local yet global?