Twinkle Toes

Video projection

©️ 13 years old
29.11.2020, 16:00–23:59
Favourite moves and favourite encounters by deufert&plischke, 2020

In the darkness of November, the video projection Twinkle Toes will transform the façade of the Schauspielhaus into a screen for passers-by, turning the building inside out as well as outside in. Light-footed and almost ghostly, it offers glimpses into the interior of the enchanted theatre and reveals what moves the people of this city. Hundreds of favourite moves, which were collected around Wuppertal over the last few weeks, will be made visible. People of all ages in the city were asked which movements they liked doing or enjoyed observing in others.

The movements were then written down or drawn on a piece of paper, becoming part of a large collection that will also be projected onto the building. At a time when movement in the public sphere is severely restricted, Twinkle Toes reminds us that moving and dancing together connects us, unites us as a community, and can help us overcome many imaginary and social barriers.