Youth Symposium

24.11.2020, 10:00–14:00
With pupils from Wuppertal and Cie.OFEN Gala Moody and Michael Carter, in collaboration with the Gesamtschule Langerfeld and the Berufskolleg Kohlstraße in Wuppertal

The Wupper flows through the city fueling the ecosystem, a city in transformation. Our ideas can also be a river, when given space to flow and gush. Let’s push our thoughts beyond the status quo and the limits of our imaginations: Like the river, our ideas can affect the city. What is your idea of Wupper-topia?

An interactive online symposium with students from Gesamtschule Langerfeld and Berufskolleg Kohlstraße, held by Australian dancers and co-directors of Cie.OFEN Gala Moody and Michael Carter. For two weeks this utopian odyssey will generate ideas for the future of Wuppertal and materialise these ideas into a group art project which will be presented in the short film "Wupper-topia" from Thursday 26th November 7.30 pm via the under construction Website.
The Symposium will also be documented on the Cie.OFEN website https://cieofen.com/wupper-topia

Gesamtschule Langerfeld: Momo Abou Salem, Gor Amoyan, Sharujah Antoncroos, Zakariya Boutchoukat, Kerem Cinar, Marvin Debus, Mic Matthias Fels, Milad Fries, Mauritius Hesse, Faris Jabaly, Sherdel Kamal Shammo, Serhat Kartal, Andreas Krivoshein , Ernests Krumins, Evin Dilara Pektas, Kinan Soubhieh, Luis Wagner

Berufskolleg Kohlstr.: Brandon Kengni, Willim Lukačević, Hariman Haji, Jenita Prabakaran, Lara Budo, Mohamed Kuruma, Sevin Ismail