Vicky and Ruben Krüger

Archive of Dreams

Vicky and Ruben Krüger, 36 and 7 years old, are taking part in baking cookies today. Malte and Lukas, 38 and 3 years old, are currently out and about in the Sudberg Forest. After many years in Cologne, we returned to Wuppertal again. Vicky works as a social pedagogue at Donum Vitae Wuppertal (pregnancy advice center) and Malte as a sports scientist at Bayer Leverkusen. Ruben goes to primary school and Lukas to kindergarten. Music and a lot of movement make our everyday life more beautiful.

Since Corona, there has been more singing at home, as daycare and school are not allowed to do this at the moment. If we feel pure joy, we just start to dance.