In the tanzcHor60+, voice and movement are seen as equally important: we dance while singing and sing while dancing. Sometimes our starting point is a song and we find movements to accompany it, and sometimes a movement sparks an idea for a song. Or it might be just a word that evokes movement and sounds. Every rehearsal is a process of discovery. We are all over 60 years old – 24 women and 10 men – and we are not scared but actually enjoy trying things that are unusual and a little bit weird! All the sounds and movements we produce reflect our life experiences and our unique personalities. It is great to observe the similarities but also the differences between us. At the same time, we are also improving our technique through body work, choreography and voice training. Over the years, a great sense of community and familiarity has developed in our group. Our tanzcHor60+ has been running at the Bergische Musikschule Wuppertal since 2011, founded by our choir director Hilde Kuhlmann and led choreographically by Milton Camilo. Working with the choreographer Chrystel Guillebeaud, we have created the pieces “HAT KOPF FUSS HERZ” and “ringe”. The piece “goldenglück” was choreographed by the Cuban dancer Wigabriel Soto Eschebach, who will continue working with us.